Graduate Kernel Hypervisor Engineer – Dresden

angelegt am: 18.03.2019
Art: Absolventenstelle
Arbeitsort: Dresden
Antrittsdatum: zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt
Studiengänge: Informatik
geforderte Deutschkenntnisse: A1: Anfänger
geforderte sonstige Sprachkenntnisse: englisch: sehr gute Kenntnisse
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Firma: Amazon
Straße / Haus-Nr.: Krausenstraße 38
PLZ / Ort: 10117 Berlin
Telefon-Nr.: +49 30 303062115
Firmenprofil / Fachgebietsprofil: Since its foundation in 1994, Amazon has focused on its customers. We want to simplify their lives, we want to contribute to their success, and we want to provide them with state-of-the-art infrastructures. Many of them are already excited users: customers who shop with us; companies selling on Amazon Marketplace or using our cloud services; start-ups that make their brand-new inventions available to millions of customers; authors who publish e-books without hurdles, and filmmakers who reach their viewers. Thanks to our infrastructure, our partners can focus on what matters to them: their products, their content, their innovations – and on creating new jobs in Germany. Amazon started its German business in 1998. Meanwhile, a large number of teams work in a wide variety of areas in Germany. No name but a few: The retail teams are responsible for the expansion of the product range on the Amazon website and continuously ensure the optimal stock. The latest technologies are developed in several development centers. For example, machine learning researchers work in close cooperation with local scientific institutions on the further development of artificial intelligence. Amazon Web Services connects with customers, from startups to large enterprises, to support them with cloud solutions and the expertise of AWS experts. Other teams are developing language technologies for Alexa and new devices and software for Fire TV and other Amazon products.